9 best Led TV under 25000 in India 2018, Must Buy

  We have put together the list of the best LED TVs under  25,000 for this month in India. Covering the top televisions from three sizes in this budget – 32 inch, 40 inches and 42-43 inch, these televisions offer the best bang for your buck in this price segment. This list covers TVs of different screen sizes ranging from 32 inch to 42 inch. We’re only considering full HD televisions, so you’ll find names such as LG and Samsung missing. This list includes TVs

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17 Best LED TV under 50000 | Ultra High Quality Amazing Picture

To keep things rather simple, we’ve only covered models up to Rs 50,000 and only covered brands that we’re certain about on quality. well the resolution getting popular and the likes of Netflix being available in India, it makes sense to buy one if you’re looking for a new TV. The list covers all the best models including smart TVs and 4K TVs in this budget. You’ve got to take into consideration different panel technologies (direct LED, edge LED, and

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13 Best 32-inch full HD LED TV in India 2018, Must Buy

  The list includes the top ten 32 inch models with a minimum FHD (1080p) resolution available in India. Because if you view a smaller size TV with greater distance or Bigger size tv from too close both doesn’t look good. So, 32″ size is most suitable for medium & small rooms where the viewing distance is not higher than 2.5m. Since one would only spend so much on a 32″ television, we’ve covered models below Rs 40,000 only (anything above

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