Hi, I am Gaurav from Delhi, India. I have complete my graduation from IIT Delhi and Post graduation from Stanford University, USA. I have seen the evolution of Gadgets in India and all over the world from 2007. I have worked with some top brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Dell, Sony as a Technical Head and Software analyzer.
I love covering the reviews of the gadgets and Writing about the products.

9 Best LED TV Under 50000 in India 2018, Must Buy

The modern generation TVs are no more the “idiot box” but they offer very rich entertainment, apart from your regular TV channels, you can also access apps like YouTube, Netflix, etc., you can browse the internet, can keep track of the updates on social media while watching your favourite sports side by side and you can even play games.With so much on the offering and lots of TVs in the market, it becomes very important that you select the correct TV

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Top 5 Best Led TV Under 25000 in India 2018, Must Buy

We have put together the list of the best LED TV  under  25,000 for this month in India. Covering the top televisions from three sizes in this budget – 32 inch, 40 inches and 42-43 inch, these televisions offer the best bang for your buck in this price segment. We’re only considering full HD televisions so you’ll find names such as LG and Samsung missing. This list includes TVs that are high on brand value and TVs that are high on specifications & This list

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7 Best LED TV under 15000 in India 2018, Must Buy

The TV (Idiot Box) have become part of our life, every individual wants the high-resolution definition to watch but in affordable price. Choosing TV might be difficult in the appropriate budget, So here I m listing 7 best-led tvs under 15000.You can find various features which are usually found in expensive TV models even in these affordable Indian televisions. These include Full HD display with a resolution of 1080p, different connectivity ports such as HDMI and USB, various sound modes such

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11 Best LED TV Under 50000 in India 2018, Must Buy

50-inch televisions are impressive, they’re a sight to behold. And to help you choose one, we’ve put together a list of the 11 best LED TV under 50000 in India for this month. Of course, getting such an expensive television requires thorough research and we’ve got it covered for you. To keep things rather simple, we’ve only covered models up to Rs 50,000 and only covered brands that we’re certain about on quality. The list covers all the best models

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9 Best 32 inch Smart TV in India 2018, Must Buy

Need a new 32 inch LED? Those in search for a new 32 inch LED TV need not go anywhere else, since we’ve composed a list of the ten best 32 inch (32″) LED TVs for this month available in India. The list includes the top ten 32 inch models with a minimum FHD (1080p) resolution available in India. Since one would only spend so much on a 32″ television, we’ve covered models below Rs 40,000 only (anything above and you should consider 40

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