Hi, I am Gaurav from Delhi, India. I have complete my graduation from IIT Delhi and Post graduation from Stanford University, USA. I have seen the evolution of Gadgets in India and all over the world from 2007. I have worked with some top brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Dell, Sony as a Technical Head and Software analyzer. I love covering the reviews of the gadgets and Writing about the products.

11 Best Mobiles Phones Under 25000 in India | Updated June 2017

  Smartphones are nothing but it is a mini-computer which fits in your pocket and serves with best features. Talking about earlier the phones comes with bulky size and with less feature and also with that boring black and white screen, with the advancement in science and technology the phones are now come to with edge to edge feature. So with these now every person in the world is empowered to buy a smartphones and was able to enjoy their

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11 Best Mobiles Phones Under 20000 in India | Updated June 2017

  When we talk about smartphone we came across a different variety of phone which comes with different feature and with a different style, but here we are talking about a smartphone which comes with intellectual intelligence and with the smart feature which can help in your day to day life to make it easier. So, here we are going to mention some of the smartphones which are Under 20000 so that you can choose your best phone without any doubt.

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11 Best Mobiles Phones Under 15000 in India | Updated June 2017

    In the 21st century, smartphones play a vital role to transform the lives of the human being and enhance the standard of living. The smartphone is a mobile personal computer with advanced mobile operating system. These smartphones come with advance graphical user system that allows you to access its advanced feature. With advance motion sensor it allows you to access its very unique feature based on your graphical action that monitors you Compared to earlier non-smartphone which is too

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13 Best 32-inch full HD LED TV in India

13 Best 32-inch full HD LED TV in India The list includes the top ten 32 inch models with a minimum FHD (1080p) resolution available in India. Since one would only spend so much on a 32″ television, we’ve covered models below Rs 40,000 only (anything above and you should consider 40 or 42 inch models instead).So here I m listing 13 Best 32-inch full HD LED TV in India 1. Samsung 81 cm (32 inches) 81 centimeters LED 1920 x 1080 Connectivity

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9 Best Laptops in India under 40000

9 Best Laptops in India under 40000 Here I have list 9 best laptops under 40000  with 6th generation processor, 8GB RAM, and 2GB NVIDIA or AMD graphics. Under 40000 rupees, you will get latest Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB/8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, 2GB graphics and Windows 10 operating system. There are too many laptops under 40000 Rs in India and find the perfect laptop under 40k is not an easy way. So here I have listed 9 best laptops

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